Ok, with most of our updates happening on Instagram and Facebook, this site is sorely neglected. So, to avoid confusion on our hours or days closed please follow us on FB or IG instead of leaving us a one star review for being closed when one of us has stepped out of the store or has to open later for some reason. 

That being said, our current NEW hours for the shop are as follows:

Wednesday thru Saturday 11am—7pm
Sunday 11:30am-3:30pm

And to those who don't know, YES! WE HAVE A RETAIL SHOP! We sell instant film and cameras. Impossible film for Polaroid cameras, Instax film for Instax cameras and Fuji FP peel apart film for Polaroid land cameras and cameras with Polaroid backs. 

You can come get instant color, black and white, and specialty film for Polaroid 600, Spectra, and SX-70 cameras as well as a film for pack film for various Land Cameras, Big Shots, etc.

We will not only test (and in some cases repair) your vintage Polaroid cameras, but if the camera is broken we can sell you a suitable replacement. 

We have a lot of classes and events happening too (listed on our FB page). And for members, we even have a kick ass photo book library and a sweet orange couch to hang and read.

Hope to see you soon.

With love, Geoffrey and Bryan.




We recently showed the Time Zero documentary movie about the last days of Polaroid film at the Art Square Theatre in downtown Las Vegas. Incidentally, the theater is located just a few feet away from our new physical storefront location!

We will be opening up shop April, 2014 and will have someone in the store at least 4 days a week. This means you will be able to come to us and buy instant film, rent instant cameras for the day (or week!) and also purchase instant cameras and accessories. 

A lot more stuff is planned. Movies, events, classes, a photobook library, a new membership plan, and more. If you keep missing out on what we're doing, then like us on Facebook and follow us on our new Instagram account. 

We look forward to seeing you at the new location.